Dell Dale Avenue Baptist Church

A place for family and friends;
A place to love and be loved;
A place to belong and become!


Café Club is a group just for us, too old for high school and too young to retire.

We had our inaugural event on Dec 13, 2014, in the form of a Christmas Party called the Escape Clause. Yes, the name was taken from Santa Clause 3 with Tim Allen. We held events through July 2015, at which time we decided that participation was dwindling so we took a break to regroup and refocus.

Guess What? We're Back!!!

The original name was College/Career and Family Club. Our new updated name is Career and Family Enrichment Club. Still keeping the Café Club style Logo.

Our next event will be in December 15, 2017, at an adult Christmas Party. For more information, please leave a message with the church office at 281-452-3704 and we will call you back.

Our goal is to have an event each month. The events will range from movie events, eating out, picnics, etc. Some of our events will include our children and some will not.

For more information talk to any of the Outreach Ministry team, John Denning, and Tammy Denning.